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Thanks to many years of expirience in the field of the working of marble and granite, the tireless search for new architectural solutions, their project assistance and the use of computerized equipment, BUS's will produce for you unique pieces of furniture, which are carefully worked and made to measure for your personal project. The prodution capacity of BUA's permits them to comply with your request and to carry out any kind of order not only for offices and firms but also for private houses in a short time, guaranteeing. at the same time, the top quality of their work. The manual skilfullness of BUA's expert and qualified staff is supported bi highly technological equipment, that enables them to carry out any kind of work quickly and accurately.
BUA's also produces elements for urban
architecture, flowerpots, fountains, kerbs, surfaces and cobbles for the old part of towns, natural stone carvings, chimneys and mantelpieces, staircases with rounded steps, kitchen tops, tops for bathrooms and pubs, as well as gravestone art and decoration with inscriptions.  
                Salvatore Bua - Marmi e Graniti (sardegna - Italy)
Viale del Lavoro, 180 - 08023 FONNI (NU)
tel. +39-784-58151 - fax +39-784-589149
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